Stylish Android Smartwatch Kingwear KW98 Smart Watch Phone

Usually, smartwatches are considered sports accessories because they provide users with many activity tracking features. That’s why these devices often look rugged and even bulky. But it doesn’t mean that there are no stylish smartwatches on the market. In fact, their amount is quite big and not all them cost a lot. Today, we have a review of one affordable Stylish Android Smartwatch – Kingwear KW98 Smartwatch.

KW98 is made just for a fashion life. The device comes with high-end, even luxury aesthetics. It’s almost like a marriage between advanced technology and modern fashion. The distinctive style comes from materials used for making this watch. The metal part is forged from stainless steel with great attention to details. As for the band, only superior cowhide material came for making it delivering unique style and comfort for the user.

Best and Stylish Android Smartwatch

Fortunately, the looks are everything about this smartwatch. Actually, its functionality might be an even bigger advantage. Firstly, the 1.39-inch AMOLED screen is very sensitive to touches providing also clear visuals (286ppi, 400×400 resolution). The screen is protected with sapphire crystal glassmirror surface that makes the watch wear-resistant. And we can’t forget about customizable clock faces – users can choose anything from 12 of them.

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Heart Rate Android 5.1 SmartWatch Phone

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Secondly, Kingwear KW98 has a powerful processor – quad-core MediaTek MTK6580 with 1.3GHz clock speed. Add to this 512MB RAM and 8GB storage and you get a fast-functioning smartwatch. Besides, KW98 runs on Android 5.0 with the access to numerous apps. The OS is only the first thing that this watch and a regular smartphone have in common. KW98 has a slot for a SIM card, so it can actually be used for making and taking calls. The watch can show you notifications from all messengers and offer you the help of Google Assistant for answering questions or looking for information.

Thirdly, Kingwear KW98 can be a sports accessory as well. The built-in heart rate sensor can take measurements in real time with high accuracy. All results are them transported wirelessly to the smartphone app. There, you can also find information about your physical activities – the amount of steps taken, travelled distance and burned calories.

So, Kingwear KW98 is a perfect combination between a fashion accessory and a sports device. Even if you’re businessman, you can wear this watch with a suit. But after work, the same watch can be a fitness assistant for running or cycling. And you don’t even have to take a smartphone with you because Kingwear KW98 is also a phone.

Best Smartwatch for Android

Stylish Android Smartwatch
Kingwear KW98 Smart Watch Phone

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