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People, familiar with the world of smartphones and tablets, definitely heard about the benchmark AnTuTu – it evaluates power and productivity of different mobile devices based on several criteria. The overall result is a number of points that usually consists of 5-6 digits. From time to time, AnTuTu publishes various stats about smartphones and tablets. The recent report from the benchmark listed the most powerful smartphones in the world as of May 31, 2017.

While conducting the investigation, AnTuTu used the models that had no less than a thousand test results. Plus, the final number is the average, not the highest one.

The results weren’t totally surprising but had a few interesting moments. According to the report, the most powerful smartphone as of May, 2017 is HTC U11 that averaged 180 079 points. The Taiwanese smartphone scored even more than the Apple’s most powerful device iPhone 7 Plus (174 299). Also, it’s worth mentioning that Samsung smartphones are finally featured in one of these lists – Galaxy S8 and S8+ took 4th and 5th places respectively.
Top 10 also has smartphones by Xiaomi, OnePlus and LeEco.

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