Bluetooth Virtual Laser Projection Keyboard

With the rising technology of the 21st century, many unique items are arriving on the market. We have reviewed a device that many of us have been waiting for, the Bluetooth Virtual Laser Projection Keyboard + Mouse for Smartphones.

This virtual keyboard is compatible with all of the newest operating systems such as Windows XP, IOS, Android and many others and connects via bluetooth mode. The small size of just 78mm x 40mm x 20mm and approximately 60 g in weight makes this keyboard very compact to bring along. The rechargeable lithium battery of 600 mAh will last a long time and charges fully in only about 120 minutes. However, it is recommended to charge it with the micro USB to USB cable that is specifically made for this item, for your safety.

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Projection Virtual Keyboard

Bluetooth Virtual Laser Projection Keyboard + Mouse
For Smartphones

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Many people wonder how this item works. The product gives off infrared light from the lower end of the product to detect objects such as fingers. When you touch the letters, your fingers are illuminated by the infrared light and are reflected off the object which are then recognized by the sensor. The keyboard layout is a standard english QWERTY keyboard which is illuminated with an approximate width of 240mm and height of 100mm and is located about 80 mm from your device.

Laser Projection Virtual Keyboard

The illuminates the best on a flat service. The LED indicator on the item will provide you with all of the necessary information. When the blue light is blinking it means that the device searching for a device to connect to, and when it stops blinking it means that there was a successful pairing. When the red light is blinking, it means that the device is low on battery and is in need of being charged. When you are charging it, the red light is on, and goes out when fully charged.

The wireless bluetooth virtual laser projection keyboard is a great item and is rising in popularity on the market. You can forget about carrying a keyboard with you, all you need is this projector and a smartphone or tablet with a bluetooth connection.

Bluetooth Virtual Laser Projection Keyboard / Mouse
For Smartphones

Virtual Laser Projection Keyboard

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