Self-Charging New Electric Car

One thing that concerns many people about electric cars is their battery – it eventually drains and it’s still not easy to find a charging spot. That’s why all novelties in this sphere are quite interesting. For example, the specialists from the Dutch startup Lightyear decided to create an new energetically independent electric vehicle capable of accumulating enough electricity on its own to move around. In order to do this, the scientists plan to cover the body of the car with solar batteries which could provide more than enough electricity.

Self-Charging New Electric Car

Although the developers didn’t reveal any technical specifications, they published a beautiful promo video, giving a vague idea of ​​how the future machine will look like.

Before deciding on an important step and trying to enter the market, the founders of the startup studied at the same university where they also took part in electric car making. One of their projects was called Stella Vie – a car powered by electricity collected with the help of batteries. But that prototype was as simple as possible and intended more for demonstration purposes. Now, the main objective of the startup is to realize the idea of a self-charging electric car.

The developers of the prototype claim that they won’t have problems with the implementation of the idea, so they continue searching for investors.

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