Sport Earphone Metal Body Heavy Bass Waterproof Headset

Many of us enjoy listening to music when we are jogging, living an active lifestyle, or just relaxing or living our usual busy lifestyle. However, often we can’t find comfortable, durable and fashionable earphones. We reviewed an item that involves all of these features. The Stylish Sport Earphone Metal Body Heavy Bass Waterproof Headset.

They are In-ear earphones with maximum amount of comfort. The earmuffs can even be adjusted to your ear’s cochlea depending on the angle that you adjust them to. They also come with three different ear sleeve sizes: small, medium, and larger. As well as that, these earphones are offered in three options: Black & Silver,Silvery White, and Gold & Black. The cable length is 1.2m in length which allows to plug it into device, and place your device into your pocket. The weight of these earphones is only about 15 g which makes them perfect for traveling.

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Stylish Sports Earphones

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One of the best features, that is hard to find in other earphones, is that they are waterproof. With that being said, you can forget about bad weather conditions and dropping them into a puddle, sink, or in any other liquid. The technology of these earphones provides with the highest quality sound and bass. The metal composite diaphragm, with the outer layer being made out of PTE material, using metal, high quality copper coil, TCG magnet,PCBA circuit board and anti dust film, to help you with that. This all cancels out any other noises, so you can fall into the audio world. For even more comfort, the earphones come with a smart in-line remote control with a microphone. You can control the volume of the music, and with the microphone you can speak on the phone while being absolutely hands free.

The Vots Sport Earphone Metal Body Heavy Bass Waterproof Headset, is a perfect option to achieve the highest enjoyment in music, comfort and style. As well as that, for the reasonable price, receive the highest quality.

Y1 Sport Earphone Metal Body Heavy Bass
Waterproof Headset

Stylish Sports Earphones for running

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