Best Full Cover iPhone Glass Screen Protector

Our mobile devices have become our true best friends. We use them on a daily bases everywhere we go. However, it is very important to protect them and keep them in a great condition. One item that we have reviewed for your iPhone smartphones, is the Nillkin Full Cover iPhone Glass Screen Protector. This screen protector will defend your iPhone like no other.

The Nillkin screen protector is brought to you out of the highest quality tempered glass screen with curved edges and a great bending technology. The glass has been processed by a German company with a high precision CNC numerical control machine. This will provide accurate arc edge of 0.1mm and will absolutely bond with your iPhone’s screen.

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Full Cover iPhone 7 Glass Screen Protector

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The screen’s frame also comes in two different color options: Black and White. We are sure that it will fit your iPhone, no matter what color it is. Best of all, this screen protector is made of AGC glass, with a 9H hardness. This makes it anti-fingerprint and shatter proof. It provides full coverage, but is sensitive to your touch of a finger. You will not have to worry about your screen not reacting, which often tends to happen with other screen protectors. On the other hand, you can forget about getting rid of air bubbles that form on your screen.

Full Cover iPhone 7 tempered Glass Screen Protector

This screen is an outstanding option for all of you iPhone users, and it is very easy to install. All you have to do, is clean your screen with the wipe that has been provided for you, by using the blue electrostatic dust film you can take of any dust particles, and tear the cover of the tempered screen and align it closely with the buttons and front camera. After confirming that it perfectly fits your screen just slide one side to the other to adjust it in place, and you are done with the installing part.

Overall, this Nillkin 9H screen protector is a highly recommended item that we have reviewed for you. It is perfect if you want to get rid of the worries about scratching or damaging your iPhone screen.

Nillkin iPhone Full Cover Anti-Explosion
9H Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Nillkin Full Cover iPhone 7 Glass Screen Protector

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