Active Capacitance Stylus Pen Drawing Pencil For Tablets

We are always using our touch screen devices, whether it is our mobile phones, tablets or even plenty of laptop computers. Often it is uncomfortable to use our finger, and many even draw on their devices. We have an item that we can recommend to you, that we have reviewed. The Active Capacitance Stylus Pen Drawing Pencil for Tablets and other Mobile devices.

This stylus pen is very fashionable and looks just like a regular pen. It is offered to you in six different colors: Rose Red, Blue, Green, Silver, Gold, and Black. With this variety, we are sure that you can chose one for yourself, depending on your preference and liking. This stylus is made out of durable aluminum alloy, which will make it long lasting. The pen itself is 143 mm long and 10 mm in diameter which makes it comfortable to hold in your hand. The pen tip is 2.3mm, so if you are into drawing, this will be perfect for you.The precision is outstanding due to the fact that the tip is not too thin and not too thick, just the perfect size.

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Active Stylus Pen for Drawing

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This Active Capacitance Stylus Pen Drawing Pencil is compatible with any app that is present on your device. The stylus pen has a built in rechargeable battery with a 5W charge power. It is charged via a standard micro USB charger, with the output on the top of the pen. This is highly convenient when charging. The light indicator that is located just above the pen hanger, will allow you to always know when you need to place it on charger. When you are using it, the blue color lights up. As soon as you start charging it, the red color lights up to notify you. When the stylus pen is fully charged, it automatically powers off for full protection. This way your pen will not overheat or overcharge. This stylus also comes with a case to place it in when you are traveling or taking it on the go.

To say the least, the Active Capacitance Stylus drawing Pen is a highly convenient, stylish and reasonably priced item.
Color: Rose Red, Blue, Green, Silver, Gold, Black
Pen Length: 143mm
Diameter: 10mm
Pen Tip: 2.3mm
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Power: Built-in Battery
Charging: By USB Port
Charge Power: 5W
Charge Voltage: DC 5V

2.3mm Active Capacitance Stylus Pen
for Drawing on Digital Tablets

Active Stylus Pen for iPAD and iPhone

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