Best Cheap WiFi IP Security Camera

Video surveillance systems are the most effective way to ensure security of certain places. With special cameras, it is possible to detect any illegal activities or unlawful acts and prevent them from happening. We often hear the expression “safety first”. But do you really pay much attention to this issue? Remember that the safety of your family and possessions must be one of the highest priorities. That’s why surveillance systems are so essential. Security cameras can provide this service for any object whether it’s an apartment, a cottage or an office.

Today, the amount of advanced WiFi IP security cameras on the market is a bit overwhelming. Most of them work with Wi-Fi, support HD and are equipped with night vision. In this case, the price might be a deal-breaker. Thankfully, there are some functional devices for very reasonable prices and we’re going to review one of them – Pecham Wi-Fi IP Security Camera.

WiFi IP Security Camera

This security camera is a simple way to make sure that your house or your office is safe. First of all, the camera is totally universal meaning that it can be used both indoors and outdoors. If you need an extra eye at home for watching over kids or elder parents, the Pecham camera will do the job beautifully. The same applies to outdoor places, like parking, camping or storage areas. The camera isn’t even afraid of the rain – it’s resistant to water and dust. Plus, the aluminium alloy body has a special anti-rust finish which makes the camera even tougher.

Best WiFi IP Security Camera

PECHAM Wi-Fi IP Security Camera – 2 Monitoring Modes including
Remote Monitoring, Indoor / Outdoor Camera for Home & Business

View and Buy it on Amazon

In addition, the installation process isn’t difficult at all. The 3-axis camera stand makes it more stable and includes cable-through-bracket design along with mounting hardware. That’s the perfect case of DIY – “Do it yourself” – because you won’t have to consult anyone in order to install this camera. If you need any help, there’s always an instruction manual and all necessary installation accessories. A bit of advice – don’t face the camera towards bright lights because it decreases the image quality.

Pecham Best Wi-Fi IP Security Camera

Now, we’re turning our attention to video characteristics of this camera. In this department, the Pecham security camera is rather impressive. A 100MP 3.6mm wide-angle lens delivers high-quality video in any weather conditions. The camera support HD footage, which means that everything will be visible. Besides, light conditions aren’t important because the Pecham camera copes with all of them well. No matter if it’s dark, gloomy or bright, the video is clear as day.

To achieve this level of performance, the camera is fitted with an array of 4 high-intensity infrared LEDs which adapt to any light conditions using auto-activation photosensitive control. Apart from that, the camera implements special software for optimizing image quality for night and day operation. As result, the camera is able to record footage during 24 hours with a range of 65 feet. So, if anything suspicious happened during the night, it won’t stay invisible – the Pecham camera will detect everything without missing the slightest detail.

Pecham WiFi IP Security Camera

Obviously, because this is a smart camera, all footage can be viewed from a mobile app (available for iOS and Android devices) on smartphones, tablets or laptops. That way, you can monitor everything from the distance using a smartphone. The camera can transfer footage to mobile device via Wi-Fi. In fact, there’s room for 32GB of video thanks to an SD card.
Also, there is another type of connection. It requires an Ethernet cable which is included in the set. By connecting the camera to an on-site NVR system (not included, unfortunately), you can transmit live footage onto a bigger screen, like a PC monitor or even a TV. Both monitoring modes are effective and reliable.

All in all, Pecham Wi-Fi security camera is an ideal safety assistant for your home, office and other properties. Even when you’re far away, it’s easy to control and monitor the situation remotely. The camera does its job in the best way keeping the user informed during the day and night. After all, there’s nothing more important than safety of your loved ones, and with this camera the level of safety increases greatly.

Pecham security camera can be bought on Amazon.

Best Wi-Fi IP Security Camera

PECHAM Wi-Fi IP Security Camera – 2 Monitoring Modes including
Remote Monitoring, Indoor / Outdoor Camera for Home & Business

View and Buy it on Amazon

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