Best Selling Smart Dual USB Wall Charger

We are always traveling and are always using our mobile devices. In order to use them, we need to always charge them. One reviewed item that we can recommend, is one of the Best Selling fast charging gadget – Baseus Portable Smart Dual USB Wall Charger with a digital display.

This wall charger is absolutely well-matched with any IOS or Android powered mobile device. The bent design of this gadget has a digital display which provides you with information about the amount of voltage that is being used for a more safe charging experience. The Baseus charger adapts to any voltage range from 100-240 volts. Which makes it a perfect traveling partner. The output is adjustable to a 1A or 2.4 A USB cables, or can just be used to charge up to two devices at the same time. We are sure your family and best buddies will enjoy this feature as well.

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Baseus Smart USB Wall Charger

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The wall USB adapter is only 65.7 X 43.6 X 37.1 MM and very light. It will fit perfectly in any pocket, bag or just in the palm of your hand. It is provided in three different color options: Black, Silver and Gold. The bent design can also provide you with a stand for your mobile device when it is being charged. You can forget about placing your phone on the ground, table, or chair where it could easily be damaged or get tangled up in the wire of the charging device.

Smart USB Wall Charger

If you are having any difficulties with the charger, or it starts working oddly, you can easily reset it with the reset button located on the side of the wall charger. The wall charge itself never overheats, and is not flammable under any circumstances which makes it very safe to use even around children.

Overall, if you are looking for a device that will provide you with a quick and safe charging service, as well as compact, stylish and travel friendly, we highly recommend this item. The Original Baseus travel wall adapter is an item that we personally reviewed and that we can easily say will become your next traveling partner.

Portable Smart Dual USB Wall Charger
with digital display

Baseus Smart USB Wall Charger for travel

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