Wireless USB Flash Drive Functional Power Bank

You’re probably thinking that it would be wonderful to have a device where you can store your store your files, pictures, videos., as well as charge your mobile device, and use it to surf the internet. Well, we have reviewed a device that fills out all of those functions. The DM WFD017 wireless multi-function power Bank is the perfect option for you.

This device is used for expanding memory, using it as a hotspot wifi, and charger for your devices. The design of the DM WFD017 is the natural shape of the hand, which makes it comfortable to carry everywhere around. The internal rechargeable battery is 5200mAh which will support up to 20 hours of usage. This Functional Power Bank supports cell phones and tablets, which you can charge through this device.

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Wireless Power Bank USB Flash-Drive

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As well as that, it supports multiple players to be connected at the same time. Therefore, you can listen to music, view photos, watch movies and scan files. It supports multiple various video formats such as Avi, MP4, rmvb, mpg and many more. It supports photo formats such bmp, gif, jpg, jpeg, png for synchronized data transmission.

Wireless Power Bank supports multiple devices to connect to the network. It could be used as a router with a netting twine or you could plug in a 3G network card into it. In your mobile device you can connect to the Power Bank as a hotspot which will not affect you surfing the internet. In your mobile settings, you can also set up a unique password for the hotspot to protect it from other internet users.

Overall, the Wireless USB Flash Drive Smart Adapter has a 16 GB memory capacity, and is compatible with IOS, Android and Windows devices. It has 9 main functions: video player, web login, auto sleep, multi person data transmission, bulk operations, can share to the internet, 5200 mAh charger for mobile devices, portable router, and 3G network carrier. As we reviewed this item, we can easily recommend it to you!

DM WFD017 Wireless USB Flash Drive WiFi Share
Smart Multi-Functional Power Bank

Multi-function Power Bank USB Flash Drive

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