Classic Bluetooth Smartwatch

Watches are highly in fashion these days, but it is much better when they can fill out many other functions as well. One item that is getting popular and we have reviewed is the Uwatch U10 Classic Bluetooth Smartwatch.

Classic Bluetooth Smartwatch

This watch is made out of the highest quality leather strap, stainless steel surface, and HD display. It is provided in three color options: Silver, Black, and White for your variety of options and your taste.

Uwatch U10 Smart Watch waterproof

The smart band is compatible with Android and IOS systems and can quickly and easily be connected via bluetooth. The 250 mAh built in polymer battery is highly durable and secure. In just 2 hours of charging, you can fill up the battery to the maximum. The battery will last you for 3.5 hours of talking time and 8.5 days in standby mode.

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Uwatch Classic Bluetooth Smartwatch

Uwatch Bluetooth Smartwatch,
Support IOS and Android

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Some of its other great features, other than to tell time, are anti-theft alarm, compass for navigation, pedometer to track your daily steps, music play from your phone, vibration for reminders, distance count, call reminder, clock for an alarm, camera remote for special angles, stopwatch to track speed, quick view and reminder for SMS, phone finder through bluetooth, and sleep monitor.

Uwatch Bluetooth Smartwatch

All of these functions will aid you in living a healthy lifestyle and will make your busy life easier. But best of all, this smart watch is very light and waterproof. You can enjoy any water sport, not be afraid of unplanned weather occurrences, wash your hands or take a shower.

Uwatch U10 Smart Watch run

This smart watch supports many different languages such as English, French, Spanish, Polish, Italian, German, Russian, Turkish and many more. No matter what country you live in, you will not have a hard time using this smartwatch. All that you will have to do, is switch the language in the settings of the watch.

Bluetooth Smartwatch

Overall, the Uwatch U10 smart band, is a great item for busy and active people, or just those who would love to become that. We have reviewed this item and with ease can recommend it to you and your friends.

Bluetooth Smart Band

Uwatch Bluetooth Smartwatch,
Support IOS and Android

View and Buy it Now

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