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To live a well lifestyle, it is vital to track our activity, sleeping mode, and heart beat. This will leave us with information about what changes we should make in our lifestyle to live it healthy. The Lenovo HW02 heart rate monitor Smart Wristband will supply you with all of that information and even much more with all of it’s wonderful features.

The smart band is comfortable, stylish and is even provided in three color options: Black, Blue, and Orange. The skin-friendly material feels great to the touch, and will make you not want to take it off.

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Lenovo Heart rate Smartband

Lenovo HW02 Heart Rate Sleep Monitor
Smart Wristband for Smartphones

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This device will provide you with a heart rate monitor, when you are working out and your heart reaches the high scale of numbers, the smartband will vibrate to remind you not to overtrain yourself. To allow your to track your sleep, the smartband tracks the amount of hours that you are sleeping and how many times you wake up throughout the night, which will allow your to improve your sleeping habits and quality.

On the Lenovo smartband, you can also set up an alarm clock, which will be your best friend when waking up every morning. One amazing feature, is it will help you find your phone if you forget where you placed it. I think this feature is one that you will all enjoy. Just by lightly touching your bracelet, your phone will appear. Some of the bands other outstanding features are pedometer, calories burned tracker, caller id, real time motion tracker, and clock. Lenovo Heart Rate wristband

All of this can be quickly done, by connecting your smartband to your mobile device via bluetooth. This way you can use all of the bands great features and track them more conveniently. The 60 mAh battery will sustain you with several days of use with just 1.5 hours of charging time. Overall, the Lenovo HW02 smartband is a highly reviewed device that we would be glad for you to know more about for a more healthy way of living.

Lenovo HW02 Heart Rate Sleep Monitor
Smart Wristband for Smartphones

Lenovo HW02 Smartband heart monitor

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