Best Wireless Charger

One of the most recent trends on the smartphone market is wireless charging. All big-name smartphones support this feature now. Of course, this technology is revolutionary because we can finally get rid of all annoying charging cables. On the other hand, wireless charging is only starting to spread, so there aren’t that many devices out there that support it. Plus, many wireless charging accessories aren’t very cheap. Thankfully, there are some exceptions here, like the following product that we’re reviewing – 3 Coils Qi Wireless Charging Stand.

3 Coils Qi Wireless Charging Dock

This accessory is absolutely perfect for anyone who has a smartphone that supports wireless charging. Due to its compactness, it doesn’t take up much space on the desk. All you need to do is connect it to the wall socket. After the indicator LED lights up, you can place the phone on the stand and charging begins.

3 Coils Qi Wireless Charging Stand

3 Coils Qi Wireless Fast Charger Stand for Smartphone

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The stand performs not worse than charging cables. It provides steady charging with 5W of power and efficiency of more than 73%. Other important characteristics include 5V input (1,500-2,000mAh), 5V output (1,000mAh), 100-200KHz charging frequency and wireless distance up to 10m.

This accessory is compatible with the Qi wireless charging standard and if you have a Qi-supporting phone, it will work with this stand. In fact, the stand has a wide range of compatibility – it can charge almost all Samsung Galaxy smartphones (including the latest S8 and S8 Plus), iPhones (up to 7 Plus), Google Pixel, Nexus, Nokia Lumia, and so on.

Wireless Charging Dock for smartphones

So, this wireless charging stand offers you more freedom – you can charge the phone and browse the web or watch a video at the same time. Plus, there’s nothing easier than placing a phone on the stand, so you won’t have to care about cables anymore.

Qi Wireless Charging Dock for Android

3 Coils Qi Wireless Fast Charger Stand for Smartphone

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