Stylish Cubot Fitness Tracker

The company Cubot announced the release of its new fitness tracker S1. Since users of these devices are often active, Cubot S1 has a six-axis accelerometer for more accurate measurements of physical activities. In fact, the tracker can recognize itself what kind of activity the user is doing. Also, Cubot S1 monitors the heartbeat around the clock, and if it exceeds the pre-set mark, the tracker will alert the user about it.

Cubot S1 Fitness Tracker

Among other possibilities of Cubot S1 we should mention monitoring of air temperature and atmospheric pressure. That way, the device can warn the user about any weather changes. According to the company, the tracker can last for around 30 days from a single charge.

Cubot S1 is fitted with a 0.96-inch OLED display for showing valuable information. The tracker is protected from water, so the user wouldn’t have to take it off when showering and washing hands. Obviously, all data is available in the mobile app Cubot Band where the user can see the distance traveled, heart rate, the number of calories burned and other information. Besides, Cubot S1 warns the user about incoming calls or text messages and it can control the camera on a smartphone.

CUBOT V2 Smart Band

CUBOT V2 0.88 inch OLED Display Bluetooth Smart Band

Buy CUBOT V2 Now

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