CF006 Smart Watch Heart Rate Steel Smart Bracelet

Health is something that we would not be able to live without! It is important to live a healthy and active lifestyle to function properly every single day! Monitoring your health is an important step, and one item that we could recommend to you is CF006 Smart Wristband.

This stylish health monitor is comes with a large display on a elegant leather strap for full comfort! Information is easily accessible and readable. Black and silver color varieties will provide you with an option that will be suitable for you! But best of all, this wristband will allow you to track your heart rate, distance, calories burned, step counter, and sleep monitor!

All can be done with the accurate motion sensors and heart rate monitor. However, these are not the only outstanding features! You can roam your Facebook, twitter, messages, track the weather or even use it as an alarm clock with just a swipe of a finger! By using bluetooth, you can easily connect them to your mobile device for full tracking and data analysis.

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Heart Rate Smart Wristband

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This wristband is waterproof, so you can forget about bad weather conditions! You can even take showers or plunge into a lake on a hot summer day! Being active will not be a problem with the dustproof, anticorrosion 39 gram wristband! Charge them for about an hour and live longer! The polymer lithium battery will provide you with up to 10 days of active use and 35 days in standby mode! To save battery life, the screen on this wristband may go dim, but with the raise of an arm and keeping flat on your chest level, the screen will instantly light up!

Life is not life without our health! Tracking and monitoring it is so important to prevent doctor visits and health problems! If you are into a healthy lifestyle, or may want to be a part of it, we can definitely recommend to you the stylish CF006 waterproof smart wristband for heart rate and activity monitoring!

CF006 OLED Blood Pressure Waterproof
Heart Rate Smart Watch

CF006 Heart Rate Smart Wristband animation

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  1. But is it accurate or is it rubbish? How does it measure Blood Pressure? How does it measure Oxygen saturation in your blood?


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