Best Vertical Stand with Cooling Fan for Gamers

People, who play video games, usually use either regular PCs or gaming consoles. The latter is becoming increasingly popular nowadays. Such brands, as Sony PlayStation, Nintendo or Xbox, are known to everybody in the gaming world. These consoles present users with great possibilities, and the gaming experience gets even more enjoyable. As a result, companies create games specifically for the consoles. It’s safe to say that gaming consoles are taking over this segment.

Vertical Stand with Cooling Fan 4

Obviously, the development of this industry couldn’t get past accessory brands. To make the life of gamers simpler and more comfortable, accessory companies make a lot of different products. For example, when you’re done playing your favorite game, where do you put the joystick and the console? Normally, they are cluttered somewhere, disorganized. That’s where a functional accessory would be quite helpful, and the company Pecham has a great option for all gamers – Vertical Stand for PS4/PS4 Slim with Cooling Fan.

If you feel like your gaming set is lying on the desk or on the floor without any organization whatsoever, it’s time to consider buying this accessory. Pecham PS4 stand eliminates all problems instantly – it has a convenient slot for the console holding it securely in the vertical position. By holding it vertically, the stand minimizes the space, taken by the PlayStation, drastically. Plus, there are two slots for the controllers. When you don’t use them, you can just put them there. In the end, everything is neatly organized, and it doesn’t even bother you. On top of that, the stand is very compact. It comes in one piece, so it doesn’t need to be assembled and disassembled every time you need it – you just set it up and use it. Besides, the stand weighs only 400g, so it can be carried in any room.

Vertical Stand with Cooling Fan 3

Pecham Vertical Stand for PS4 Slim / PS4 with Cooling Fan
Dual Controller Charging Station 3 Extra USB Port – Black

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But the main highlight of this stand is something else – its functionality. The stand doesn’t just provide space for your gaming devices, it does much more. Firstly, the stand is equipped with two cooling fans. After a particularly intense gaming session, the console and controllers get too hot. Overheating is never good especially when it concerns electric devices. This might create problems including serious damage or explosions. In order to avoid overheating, you need to place them right on the stand. The high-speed fans (fan current – 230mA) do their job well effectively dissipating heat and keeping all devices in a working condition. The whole system starts working as soon as you plug the built-in USB-cable into the console.

Secondly, Pecham stand is also a charging dock. As mentioned before, the stand comes with two slots for the controllers, but each slot hides a little secret – a microUSB connector. It means that the slots can be used not only for storing the consoles when you’re not playing but also for charging them. Both controllers can be charged simultaneously at any time, even when your PlayStation is on. It can save a lot of time, especially when you desperately need a fully charged controller.

Vertical Stand with Cooling Fan 2Thirdly, the stand provides a few more connectivity options for other devices. For that, it has three additional USB Hub ports, located in the front of the stand. The ports have pretty obvious purposes. If you need some other accessories to play gamers, there’s always room to connect them or charge them. Moreover, you can connect other mobile devices including tablets, smartphones or cameras. That way, it’s possible to transfer data or charge them as well.

All things considered, if you’re an avid gamer, and you can’t imagine life without your PS4, Pecham vertical stand is a perfect addition to your gaming set. After long gaming sessions, it will provide space for the console and controllers, and literally cool every down. At same time, charging capabilities come in handy, when controllers need a power boost. With this tech-savvy piece of gaming equipment, you’ll be the most organized gamer in the world.

Pecham PS4 stand is available for purchase on Amazon. Because Pecham believes in its products, the company has a customer-friendly policy offering 18-month warranty and support from the day of the purchase.

Vertical Stand with Cooling Fan 1

Pecham Vertical Stand for PS4 Slim / PS4 with Cooling Fan
Dual Controller Charging Station 3 Extra USB Port – Black

View and Buy with best price

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