The Best Universal Tablet Case for iPad Pro

When Steve Jobs introduced the first iPad to the world in 2010, everyone was swept of their feet. The idea of having a portable touchscreen device with the capabilities of a laptop was very attractive to people. iPad became a bestseller and it’s still popular now. What’s more, iPad gave a start to the new segment of mobile devices – tablets. Since then, all tech companies have been making tablets and many people have been buying them for their portability and functionality. In just seven years, tablets even more powerful.

Another group that was extremely happy with a new type of mobile devices was accessory makers. Tablets became an essential part of our everyday life, which meant that they required constant protection. Everything started with the simplest accessories but even cases and sleeves for tablets get better and more advanced. Now, it’s possible to find very innovative tablet cases on the market. And today, we’re reviewing one of the best ones – Reboon Booncover for Apple iPad Pro 10.5.

Reboon Universal Tablet Case 1

Reboon is a German accessory brand and it’s safe to say that Germans know a thing or two about exceptional quality of their products. Booncover definitely stands out of the whole mass of other tablet cases because of its functionality. But what is so special about this iPad case? This review will shed a bit of light on this.

First and foremost, Booncover is an iPad case, so it does everything that a normal case should do – protecting the device inside it. Booncover copes with this task beautifully. No scratches, spills or accidental drops will threaten your tablet when it’s wearing this case. The high level of protection comes from great materials and well-crafted construction. The top layer of the case’s surface is made of polyurethane which is stylish and soft to touch. By the way, there’s also a leather version if you want a bit more luxury. As for the material on the inside, Booncover features soft, high-quality microfibre. The protective “system” is accompanied with a magnetic flap that securely holds your iPad and never opens, even in extreme situations. As a result, you get a beautiful protective accessory that practically nurtures your tablet like a baby.

Reboon Universal Tablet Case 2

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Now, we’re coming to the main reason why this iPad case is so different from any other case on the market. The answer here is simple. Actually, it consists of only four letters – boon. Let us explain: Reboon uses a patented vacuum sticker boon technology. The purpose of this innovative technology is to provide more versatility to your everyday tablet experience. The first sticker is almost invisible and attached straight to the case.

But the main trick is in the second sticker – this one can be put on any smooth surface allowing you to attach the case and the tablet to these surfaces. Thanks to the anti-gravity technology, everything functions smoothly. For example, you can put the sticker on the wall of your kitchen in order to look at the recipe or watch some cooking videos. These stickers can also be put on any glass surface, like a window. Plus, boons can be quite practical in a car – just attach the sticker to the dashboard, secure the case on it and enjoy a comfortable viewing angle. This feature makes Booncover an ideal companion of any iPad owner for on-the-go use.

Reboon Universal Tablet Case 4

Lastly, Booncover can boast great flexibility. Wherever you are, it’s always possible to adjust the angle of your tablet for comfortable use. In fact, you can choose three positions depending on your activities. It doesn’t matter whether you use the tablet horizontally or vertically – the case is always there to help you.

So, Reboon Booncover tablet case is certainly a unique product on the market. This universal case is perfect for active people, travelers or anyone who is often on the go. No matter where you go, you have to take this case with you as it’s comfortable to use anywhere. Booncover provides users with much more than other cases on the market because it’s a true embodiment of innovation.

More information about this tablet cases and other Reboon accessories can be seen on the company’s official online store. Reboon Booncover is available in a variety of colours, such as brown, beige, black, and so on.

Reboon Universal Tablet Case 3

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