YotaPhone 3 Officially Announced

On June 16, during the Russian-Chinese EXPO exhibition in Harbin, BaoliYota Technology introduced the YotaPhone 3 smartphone.

Like the previous two generations of YotaPhone, the new smartphone received two displays. One of them is based on E-ink and located on the back of the device. The detailed characteristics of the device weren’t revealed. However, Yota Devices promises to disclose more in late summer.

According to the company’s representatives, the price of YotaPhone 3 will be $350 for the version with 64GB storage and $450 for 128GB storage. It is also reported that the Chinese version of the smartphone will receive pre-installed search engine Baidu and the instant messenger WeChat that will be active on both screens. The start of production is scheduled for early autumn.

BaoliYota Technology is a joint venture of China Baoli Technologies which owns 30% of Yota Devices. Last autumn, it was reported that YotaPhone 3 was supposed to go on sale in summer of 2016 but the release was postponed. Now, the phone is expected to come out by the end of 2017 and it will be bigger than YotaPhone 3 and have more advanced specs.

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