Teamwolf Best Budget Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Keyboard is an essential element of any laptop or desktop computer. Usually, it’s used for typing text but keyboards are much more multi-functional. In fact, you can fully operate your computer using only key combinations without touching the mouse. Plus, if you’re a gamer, keyboard is even more important, so it has to be durable, fast and responsive. Today, we’re gonna look at an impressive option for all gamers out there – it’s Teamwolf X05 CIY Mechanical Keyboard.

This keyboard doesn’t have any complications – it’s very simple. The shell, made of sandblasted aluminium, looks sleek and elegant. Besides, the shiny aluminium plate gives the keyboard sturdiness. The bottom continues this smooth finish and has round edges, which looks quite nice. In addition, Teamwolf X05 is equipped with 4 flip-up feet that can raise the keyboard at a comfortable angle. The layout is pretty standard – the keyboard is connected to the PC with a USB-cable.

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Teamwolf Best Budget Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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Now, let’s get to the keys because they are the main highlight of this device. Firstly, this is a backlit keyboard and it has a bunch of lighting modes. There’s nothing too sophisticated – the keys can be backlit with blue, green or white light. The level of brightness can be adjusted according to user’s preferences. The keyboard also has various shortcuts which are outlined in the user’s manual.
Best Budget Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with lightFurthermore, Teamwolf X05 comes with an interesting CIY (Change It Yourself) feature. It is exactly what you think – you can take switches out and replace them with better ones. First, you have to take off the key caps. Teamwolf X05 uses GAOTE switches of 4 different colors: black, brown, red and blue. All switches have actuation force of 60g (except for red ones – 50g) and can withstand around 50 million clicks. When the switches wear out, you carefully take them out and change to other ones. That way, the keyboard can serve you for a long time.

All in all, Teamwolf X05 mechanical keyboard isn’t a masterpiece but it copes with its tasks quite well. Also, the fact that it’s totally customizable must be attractive to gamers who always need the best performance from their devices.

Teamwolf X05 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard,
CIY Changeable Switch 87 Keys

Best Budget Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Changeable Switch 87 Keys

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