Smartphone Universal Charging Station Speaker Dock

Most modern wireless speakers connect to mobile devices via Bluetooth. There are some that also support Wi-Fi but the first way is more widespread. Actually, there is another way and it’s more innovative – magnetic resonance. In this case, the working principle is quite complicated – it’s based on vibrations of different frequencies. There aren’t that many speakers like that on the market but we’re going to review on of them – it’s Hongy S1 Smartphone Universal Compact Charging Station Speaker Dock for 3.5-6.5 inch Phones.

This device is much more than just a wireless speaker dock. In fact, this accessory serves as a smartphone stand. The holder is compatible with any phone from 3.5 to 6.5 inches which includes all big brands, like Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi or LG. The smartphone is placed in a horizontal position which makes it comfortable to watch movies, for example.

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But let’s get back to audio attributes of this speaker. The fact that the smartphone is placed right on the speaker is actually essential because that’s the only way that this device works. When the phone is pressed against the induction zone, the magnetic resonance starts working. It means that audio can be transmitted without any wires or wireless networks, like Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Holder for iPhone 7 Compact Speaker

Most importantly, such method is quite effective. There is no loss in signal, the sound quality remains high. In fact, the speaker can turn your phone into a mobile cinema providing dynamic audio-visual effect.
Besides, Hongy S1 comes with 30-hour battery time thanks to the lithium 1 000mAh battery. That way, you can watch a whole movie (or even several movies) without recharging the speaker.

In any case, the combination of a smartphone stand and a wireless speaker sounds very attractive and this Compact Speaker Dock for Smartphones does make a good impression. Apart from holding your phone, it uses an innovative technology to play music with great sound.

Compact Dock Magnetic Resonance Speaker for Smartphones 3.5-6.5 inches

Compact Speaker Dock for iPhone 7

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