Wide-Angle Ultra HD DV Action Sports Video Camera

When we are packing up for a holiday, we always take a camera to capture, save and relive later the best moments of the trip. If you’re young and very active, an action camera would seem like a reasonable choice because it can be attached to a helmet or a selfies stick. But not all action cameras should be like GoPro. Sometimes, you want to hold the camera in your own hands. Some people might say that such cameras are already old but they can be pretty advanced. Our next review is the proof – this is Ultra HD 2.7K Wide-Angle DV Action Sports Camera.

This handy camera is a best solution for all travelers. First of all, the camera captures pictures and video in high quality. A 12MP 170-degree angle lens with 16x digital zoom can snap quick shots and record footage in 1080p, VGA or 2.7K. All videos are displayed on a 2.7-inch flipping LCD touch-sensitive screen.

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HD wide angle lens Sports DV action camera close lid

HD Wide-Angle Lens DV Sports and Action Camera

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The camera supports up to 32GB of footage. When necessary, videos can be shown on a bigger screen due to the HDMI interface. And of course, there’s a USB-port for connecting the camera to a computer.

In addition, the camera comes with a set of interesting features. The self-timer feature helps you make selfies. The screen can even be turned around in order to make a good selfie. The camera also detects faces and focuses on smiles adjusting specifically to that. Apart from that, the camera has multiple scene modes which are selected with buttons placed on the left side of the device. Lastly, the camera can be controlled from distance either with a remote or with a smartphone via Wi-Fi. All devices that have iOS 6 and above or Android 4 and above are supported.

So, a camera is an indispensable item for any trips and this device won’t let you down. With this camera, you can be sure that the most beautiful sceneries and magical moments will be captured, recorded and saved forever.

HD Wide-Angle Lens DV Sports and Action Camera

HD wide angle lens Sports DV action camera open lid

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