Unique and Functional Power Bank

In these days, when people always require charged mobile devices, power banks are indispensable. These portable accessories can save us in force majeure situations when, for example, you urgently need to make a call. But accessory makers can do much more than a simple power bank. Some of them are fitted with really interesting features. And for this review, we have a great example of a functional power bank – it is Pisen TS-D154.

This compact accessory can do more than you could ever imagine. In fact, this is a perfect gadget for all people who have cold winters because Pisen can actually warm your hands. For that, the power bank is equipped with heating element that gets warm very fast. In only 30 seconds, the accessory raises its temperature up to 50°C. It means that every time you feel like your hands are getting chilly, you can just pull out the power bank, turn the heater switch on and warm your hands. Besides, the infra-red heating system is very efficient. The heat goes straight through your body tissues and promotes better blood circulation without any harm.
What’s more, the heating system has a smart time control design – it turns off after working for an hour. That way, the power bank saves energy.

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Apart from that, Pisen TS-D154 is pretty good at its charging capabilities. The gadget has one USB-port and capacity of 5000mAh. It is compatible with all USB-integrated devices providing steady and fast charging with 2.4A output. Plus, the power bank has all kinds of smart protection systems that ensure your safety and safety of your mobile devices. The list includes short circuit protection, over-charge (as well as over-current, over-voltage and over-power) protection and temperature protection.

All in all, Pisen TS-D154 is a pretty functional mobile accessory that you would rarely are on the market. And it’s perfect for mobile users during winter time or in cold countries. If you get cold easily, this power bank might warm you up while charging your smartphone simultaneously.

PISEN TS-D154 5000mAh Portable
Hand Warmer Power Bank

PISEN TS-D154 5000mAh Portable Hand Warmer Power Bank

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