Samsung Health Device S-Patch Will Launch Soon

Although Samsung is already a big name on the wearable market with its Gear line-up, the company has a few more aces up its sleeves. During CES 2016, Samsung demonstrated the prototype of a very interesting health wearable device called S-Patch. The gadget has already gone through the certification process, which tells us that its mass production may start pretty soon.

According to some online sources, S-Patch is a multifunctional gadget that will inform the user about his/her health. The device combines the features of numerous medical devices. For example, it can serve as electrocardiograph, thermometer, blood pressure monitor, pulsometer, and so on. It means that the gadget might be particularly useful for athletes or just people who lead an active lifestyle and control their health.

S-Patch connects to the main device (smartphone, tablet) via Bluetooth and transmits all the data to the special S Health app. When there is a problem, S-Patch can give users certain recommendations. Plus, the gadget can send your health information straight to your doctor.

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