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If you ask a random person which two of their essentials they use the most often, the majority will definitely say a smartphone and a wallet. Smartphones are our personal assistants in everything and wallets contain another indispensable thing – money. But what if you could combine these two items into one? It becomes possible with a highly functional CaseMe iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone X Leather case and here is our review of it.

This case is the ultimate smartphone accessory. Usually, the first thing that people look at is the design. In this department, CaseMe wallet case is a real winner. It has premium looks due to high-quality vintage leather used for making it. The design looks amazing and quite stylish. The leather is very soft and nice to touch which makes it quite pleasant to just hold in a hand. Plus, the smartphone is covered completely with this case, so there will be no significant damage in case of accidental drops.

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Vintage Leather Case For iPhone

Vintage Leather Case
For iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone X

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 But the main secret hides underneath the magnetic flap. First of all, there is a detachable smartphone back cover that ideally fits iPhone 7 Plus. There are special cutouts for the camera, all ports and buttons. Second, CaseMe comes with 14 slots for cards and one zippered compartment for cash. Basically, one mobile accessory replaces the whole wallet. Once you open the case, the most important cards will be at your disposal instantly. Other cards can be placed in the slots on the back while the zippered pocket conveniently stores not only cash but also other small essentials.

Leather Case For iPhone 7, Vintage style
Besides, the case can be used as a kickstand for the smartphone. This feature really comes in handy when you want to watch a video or a movie on the phone.

All in all, CaseMe iPhone 7 Plus wallet case is all about functionality. This mobile accessory looks elegant, protects the phone and offers multiple “wallet” capabilities. If you’re a happy owner of iPhone 7 Plus, this case would be a fantastic addition to it.Leather wallet Case For iPhone 7

Vintage Leather Case For iPhone 7 Plus

View and Buy it Now with best price

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