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In our modernized society everyone heard about computer games. We often hear how addictive they are – parents always complain about their kids playing for hours without stopping. Yes, this problem exists but computer games aren’t only bad. Some of them are quite fascinating and even educational. What’s more, the gaming industry became extremely popular in recent years. There are a lot of tournaments where the best players in the world compete against each other for huge amounts of money. Obviously, this attracted many companies that started making devices, like laptops, consoles or peripherals, specifically for gamers. And if you are a gamer, you’d be particularly interested in the following product – Teamwolf gaming mouse.
Teamwolf Gaming Mouse for gamers

TEAMWOLF Mechanical Gaming Mouse USB Wired with 4000 DPI Sensor Comfortable Grip RGB LED Multi Color Lights 7

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If you’ve ever seen a gaming device, it always looks like it comes from one of these games or a movie, and Teamwolf is no exception. Upon the first look, anyone would think that this mouse came from the movie “Transformers”. Although this device doesn’t turn into a talking robot from another planet, it has other cool features that would be appreciated by any gamer.

Firstly, Teamwolf is universal and totally customizable. Despite having a very rugged and edgy design, it pays off when it comes to fitting the user’s hand. No matter how big or small your hand is, it will rest perfectly on this mouse. Such adjustability happens due to the sophisticated design of the tail. There is a special knob and if you turn it, the tail raises or lowers. That way, it can accommodate different hand shapes. Ergonomic accessories are very important for gamers. When you’re leading a hardcore battle against zombies or shooting your enemies, you need maximum comfort in your peripherals, and that’s exactly what Teamwolf provides.

New Mechanical Gaming Mouse USB Wired

Secondly, the mouse boasts impressive technical specifications. The A3050 chip powers the mouse giving it great acceleration. Also, the shape isn’t the only thing that’s customizable. Teamwolf has 7 different buttons and all of them are programmable. Along with standard ones, there is a Fire button. Depending on their needs, gamers can use the software to program, for example, the Precision Aim, to do certain commands, which is a definite advantage for any gamer. This is how you can prepare yourself before an especially intense gaming session.

Apart from that, there is another button that sounds interesting – DPI switch button. DPI stands for “dots per inch” and the higher this number is, the more responsive the mouse can be. Many mice don’t offer any choice to users but that’s the beauty of Teamwolf because it’s customizable on every level. The button allows you to choose from 4 modes: 1000 DPI, 1500, 1750 or 2000. All modes offer a different rate of return and the choice depends solely on the needs of the gamer. For example, when playing a shooter, the aim must be as precise as possible. For that, you’d probably need the maximum amount of DPI. On the other hand, in some games such high responsiveness might be a bit too much. In this case, just press the button to select the lower number. In any case, no matter what you’re playing, Teamwolf can make the experience comfortable, enjoyable and effective. In addition, there is special software that allows customizing DPI up to 4000. Just make sure to consult customer service if you’re interested.

Teamwolf Gaming Mouse review

Lastly, we shouldn’t forget about compatibility of this mouse. Actually, there’s not that much to say – it works with all Windows version starting from XP and Mac as well. And there’s another curious feature – an LED laser light. If you’re playing at night, the tail of mouse will have a captivating light effect. But if you’re not into that sort of thing, you can turn it off by downloading a drive.

All in all, gaming is always a competition whether you’re playing against the computer or your friends. And if you don’t have decent equipment, you will lose. A good gaming mouse is an indispensable element in the kit of any gamer, and Teamwolf is one of the best. Its biggest advantage is versatility which makes it suitable for anybody. So, if you’re new to the gaming world or you’re already an experienced warrior, Teamwolf will help you do miracles in front of the computer.
The mouse is available for purchase on Amazon.

Teamwolf Gaming Mouse

TEAMWOLF Mechanical Gaming Mouse USB Wired with 4000 DPI Sensor Comfortable Grip RGB LED Multi Color Lights 7

View and Buy with best price

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