Ergonomic Laptop Cooling Pad for Notebooks

For many people a typical day usually involves sitting at the table for some time to work on a PC or a laptop. But not always do people pay attention to one very important factor – the placement of the screen. This issue is particularly essential for laptops users. When sitting in front of a laptop, most people look down on the screen which can hurt their neck and back. To solve this problem, there is a practical solution – Ergonomic Cooskin Laptop Stand.

This cooling pad has everything to become a constant companion for your laptop. Cooskin stand offers users a perfect viewing angle using 7 adjustable height levels. Depending on your preferences, the bracket can be raised or lowered, so that you could look at the screen with the right posture. Plus, your laptop will sit on a 360-degree rotating place. That way, you don’t have to move the laptop to turn it in another way. Instead, you can just turn the stand.

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Ergonomic Cooling Pad for Laptop With Adjustable Angle

Ergonomic Cooling Pad for Laptop With Adjustable Angle

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What’s more, the stand is quite tough. It can lift even 25kg devices. In addition, it features a Hollow design providing your laptop with passive airflow to avoid overheating. Also, maximum safety to your laptop is guaranteed due to anti-slip elements on the stand. They make sure that the laptop won’t fall off.

Ergonomic Cooling Pad for laptop

As for compatibility, Cooskin stand would suit well to all laptops up to 18 inches. Not only that – the accessory works well as a tablet or even book stand. And if you need to take it with you, it can be easily done due to its portability. The stand weighs only 0.6kg, so it’s ideal for carrying around.

Laptop stands are extremely useful and if you’re looking for a functional one, Cooskin cooling stand is a great choice for your MacBook or any other laptop or even tablet devices. This stand will take care of your laptop and your health at the same time because it’s made with love.

Ergonomic Cooling Pad for Laptop With Adjustable Angle

Ergonomic Cooling Pad for laptop

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