How To Balance Study-work-life Balance?

Students often find it extremely difficult to maintain a healthy balance between academics and leisure, considering the number of activities they always have up their sleeves. Taking care of class work, homework and fun simultaneously in itself is a herculean task. However, what makes things all the more difficult is when students decide to take up part-time jobs for varied reasons like earning extra pocket money or merely as a hobby. This is when they feel overwhelmed with so much to do.

While it is seemingly impossible to attain a work-life balance for students, we help them overcome distractions by being prudent of about half a dozen simple things.

1.       Set goals:
Experts claim that the most important facet to attaining a happy working life is the ability to be able to set realistic goals. If you set goals that are impossible to achieve, you end up feeling de-motivated. On the other hand, if there’s not much to do during the day, you may feel like you are not being productive. Hence, setting achievable goals is of prime importance, according to experts. Include all possible activities you wish to complete in a day, in your list. Set out to work those through without letting others become a hindrance in their successful completion.

2.       Study Smart:
In today’s era, the one who scores the most is usually not the one who studies the hardest, but the one who studies the smartest. While it is important for you to be thorough with academics, it is equally important for you to be selective while preparing for examinations. Remember that studying for several hours at a stretch does not guarantee a good grade. Hence, devise a study schedule that lets you devote just enough time for preparation.

3.       Avoid Procrastination:
Time management is the key to success in today’s world of cut-throat competition. If you want to gain an edge over competitors, pull up your socks and stop making excuses. Work on this habit from you college days by never being late in submitting an assignment. It is now or never!

4.       Follow a good diet:
Experts advise you to make sure that you eat healthy and avoid gaining empty calories as that may make you feel drowsy and decrease your productivity and efficiency.

 5.       Exercise:
A daily dose of exercise does not only leave you physically and mentally rejuvenated through the release of endorphins, it also gives you the time your body needs for revival. Hence, work out for a while each day in order to bust the stress of daily routines.

6.       Lead a simple life:
You were born to please yourself and nobody else. So stop trying to make everyone happy. There is no point of filling your plate with too many items when you can’t chew. Thus, it is in your best interest that you change your lifestyle to incorporate deeds that make you happy. Learn to spare time for yourself and you shall find happiness in the simplest of things.

Service providers state that it is possible for you to excel in academics as well as enjoy the life that you had envisioned, only if you wish for it to happen. Hence, stop criticizing and start prioritizing.

Bella contributes to open-source projects and has worked on many Linux and ERP based installations in the past. She is also a private tutor in Information Technology at Expert Assignment Help and loves working with students.

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