Essential Android Smartphone – New Device From it’s Original Creator

Andy Rubin has been teasing people with news about his smartphone for quite some time. Finally, the creator of Android officially presented his own creation. The smartphone was created by the company Essential which consists of former employees of such big brands, as Apple, Samsung and Google. Overall, Essential Phone received impressive specs and it’s ready to be launched.

New Android Smartphone essential
Here are some of the most notable features of the Rubin’s smartphone:

– 5,7 inch display which takes more than 90% of the front side;
– Titanium body and ceramics back cover;
– Snapdragon 835, 4GB RAM and 128GB storage;
– USB-C port and no headphone jack;
– Dual camera with two 13MP sensors (color and monochrome) with laser autofocus and – Qualcomm Clear Sight technology
– 8MP front camera that supports 4K video;
– Two magnetic spots on the back for attaching other devices. Rubin announced two of – such devices: a 360-degree camera (two 12MP sensors, each one with 210-degree viewing angle, 4K video support) and a docking station for charging;
– Bluetooth 5;
– Price – $699.New Android Smartphone

Apart from the smartphone, Rubin unveiled an interesting smart home device – a smart speaker Essential Home. In terms of design, the speaker is similar to Amazon Echo Show. Essential Home is a small cylindrical device with a touch-screen display on top of it. The speaker reacts to simple touches, voice commands and even looks.

Essential Smartphone

Most importantly, Essential Home runs on Ambient OS – a system that was created specifically for this gadget. The speaker offers users a pretty standard set of functions: playing music, setting alarms and reminders, answering trivia questions, controlling other smart home devices, etc. In time, the speaker learns the habits of the user and customizes its functions.

Right now, there’s no available information about the release date or the price of Essential Home. Essential Phone can be ordered here.

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