Top 10 Features of the Mobile Phone

Communication is the order of the day for most people, the main goal of having a mobile phone is mainly for the purpose of communicating with the outside world, be it for making calls, sending text message, etc. Mobile phones have really done a lot to the lives of people, as it simplifies our activities in a way, every mobile phone has one or two features that makes them special, depending on what one needs them for and it is best to review some of these features which would be discussed as follows;

Top 10 mobile features

Multimedia Service
      Most mobile phones have this feature, a platform where one can make use of the multimedia facility either for sending and receiving pictures, playing videos, playing of mp3, audio notes are amongst things it can offer, having this platform requires that one have a spacious memory.

Battery Type
      The choice of battery for most mobile phone manufacturers is another feature that ensures smooth operation, it is a norm that when one is on call, the battery is more draining than when they are turned on and not in use, there are varieties of battery such as NiMH (nickel-metal hydride) and Li-ion (lithium ion), the latter is more expensive and it last longer.

Caller ID
      This feature is virtually available across every mobile phone in the world, a platform that allows the user to identify the callers number before answering the call, except in rare cases that most callers restrict their caller id from displaying, when the number calling matches with any of the name stored inside the phone book, it immediately identifies the caller.

      A technology that is designed to ensure proper communication, when two or more phones communicate with themselves either for the hands free purpose, or for sharing information between one another, it may also be for sending of files, pictures, videos etc.

      Depending on what the phone has to offer and the material used during production, one can say that the weight across various mobile phones will vary since they don’t use the same choice of materials.

Digital Camera
      The camera is the other of the day for most companies as they have a technology that helps to take good and quality pictures of high resolution, depending on the mobile phone, a good quality digital camera should have certain features like auto focus, optical image stabilization etc.

Mobile Apps
      Mobile phones have a variety of apps that simplifies our work, app developers make this possible as they design different kinds of app ranging from gaming apps, calculation apps, leisure apps etc. Don’t get worried about the high price of the best mobile phones as all the apps should be supported on all devices. You can always choose between a brand new or refurbished mobiles.

      The larger the resolution, the higher the price of the phones, some user requires that they have a larger screen for better surfing of the internet, or for other gaming purpose, the constraint here is that most phones with high resolution drains battery quickly.

      Mobile phone manufacturers add an extra facility to the usage of their phones, most phones have certain accessories that make them special, such as headsets, Power banks, Bluetooth hands free devices, ear buds, these facilities are mostly put in place so as to have a good market value.

      Not all phones have this outstanding global positioning system that helps keep track of one’s location, this feature is highly important for people who travels a lot.


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