Water Resistant Smartwatch that Withstands Any Weather

Water Resistant Smartwatch

Exercising outdoors always requires smart devices with better protection. Of course, a drizzle won’t make you stay at home but even the slightest amount of moisture can be a hardship for a smartwatch. That’s why the company No.1 unveiled a new smartwatch called G9 which is suitable for both outside activities and training in water. The watch has the IP68 protection against water, so it can be a reliable assistant for its owners.

Thanks to the protective abilities, No.1 G9 easily withstands moisture and dust, which is extremely important for outdoors. This smartwatch has a colored touchscreen 240×240 display which shows all information about the user’s activities: heart rate, blood pressure, steps, calories and quality of sleep. What’s more No.1 G9 can be used as a companion to a smartphone or standalone device due to the SIM-card support. Also, No.1 G9 received a MT2503 processor, GPS and Bluetooth.

No.1 G9 will not let you get lost while jogging in the forest. The model monitors your movements fixing the entire route on the map. With this watch, you can save training places and indicate the type of training: running, walking, basketball or yoga. Thus, the smartwatch will be able to take into account all the fixed parameters, transfer data to the smartphone, giving the owner more accurate information on the results achieved.

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