5 Most Popular Smartphones 2017

Smartphones are used everywhere in the world. There are tons of devices on store shelves for any taste. But which are the ones that people love the most? Experts from Strategy Analytics asked themselves the same question and did an investigation. The result was a report listing top 5 most popular smartphones in the world.

As of May 2017, the first place unsurprisingly went to iPhone 7. Despite some decrease is iPhone sales in Apple, the device alone holds 6% of the global smartphone market. According to different tests, iPhone 7 is one of the most productive smartphones with a diverse set of features. And even a small no-headphone-jack problem couldn’t spook the customers from buying it.

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What’s more, the second place on the list is taken by Apple as well. This time, it’s iPhone 7 Plus. Right now, it occupies a share of 5% in global smartphone sales. Plus, according to market researchers, its sales are steadily growing. It seems like the dual camera, 3GB RAM and waterproofness do their job well.

The third place was given by analysts to Oppo R9s. This is the only truly Chinese smartphone on this list and you wouldn’t come across this device on any other market. The only way to buy it is illegally but we don’t advise that in any way. Although it’s used only in China, Oppo R9s has a 3% market share thanks to a large domestic fanbase.

The fourth and fifth places went to Samsung but it isn’t Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge. In fact, more affordable versions are more popular: Galaxy J3 and J5 respectively. Unlike the competitors listed above them, these devices can’t boast super-cool features but they come with a reasonable price. That’s why these smartphones are perfect for regular users who don’t need luxury.

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