Daily Yoga Practices and Medical Benefit

Yoga apps for daily yoga practiceToday, everyone, who is even vaguely familiar with yoga, knows at least things about the health benefits of yoga: it increases flexibility and reduced stress. Unfortunately, not every instructor knows how tightly yoga is connected with health. In fact, right and regular practice can provide more than physical health and much more than the ability to bend your body. So, in this article we’ve decided to write about a medical research which will help you train more consciously and feel as healthy as possible.

In 2013, Norwegian scientists studied yoga more closely and found out that it’s extremely beneficial for the immune system. Practicing yoga can actually positively affect the genetic predisposition to various diseases increasing immunity on a cellular level. Plus, these genetic “improvements” happen every time a person starts doing any exercises. Even 15-20 minutes of daily yoga training can help people become healthier.

During the study, scientists found out that yoga is actually more useful for the immune system than other physical activities. For example, a group of people that took walks outside while listening to relaxing music showed worse results compared the group that did yoga.

As we can see, even a short yoga training that includes only physical exercises increases immunity because it improves health overall. When practicing yoga, people breathe deeper and more energetic, move more actively, the blood circulates better, which means that other organs work better as well. But this happens only if all asanas and exercises are done correctly. That’s why when you’re doing yoga with YOGA APPS, make sure that every pose and every movement is correct because it will bring joy, happiness and health to the body.

Medical Research.

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