Smart Multi-Color LED Light Bulb by DotStone

In the 19th century, Tomas Edison invented (or at least patented) the first light bulb and everything changed. But this was a long time ago. Since that, technologies have made a big step from regular incandescent lamps. Now, we have advanced flashlights, energy-saving light bulbs, and even smart LED lights which connect to the Internet. Among all these items, smart devices are what interest us the most. And for this review, we have a very interesting product – RGB LED Light bulb by the company DotStone.

timer lightOf course, many people might say that this isn’t actually a smart device because it doesn’t access the Internet or have an accompanying mobile app. But everything depends on how you’d define “smart”. In our opinion, this product falls right into this category because of its functionality which we’re going to talk about right now.

From the first look at it, you get that DotStone RGB LED Light bulb isn’t that close to regular light bulbs. Yes, it doesn’t have any tungsten filaments, nor is it made of glass. Instead, this DotStone product would suit better for other purposes.Smart Led Light BulbWhy? Because this is a multi-color light bulb. It provides users with a choice of 24 static colors. What’s more, the light bulb supports 16 million color adjustment. The amount of options is abundant – you can choose a perfect color for a bedroom, a kitchen, and other rooms of your house. Depending on your preferences, you can make the light warmer, softer or brighter, dim it a little bit, choose between strobe or fade, and just turn it off completely.

Obviously, all these operations must be somehow controlled. For that, there is a wireless remote in a set. It’s very much like a regular TV remote, only instead of switching channels, you switch colors, and instead of turning up volume, you “turn up” brightness. Besides, the remote has other curious functions. At the top, there is a night light button – you press it and get ready to sleep under a warm and relaxing light. Also, users can choose either RGB or CW mode. Lastly, there 3 timer buttons, which means that you can program the light bulb to turn off after a certain period of time: half an hour, 1 hour or 2 hours. That’s perfect for anyone who likes to fall asleep with a night light – you just press the button, wrap yourself in the blanket and go in the land of dreams knowing that the light will turn off.

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By the way, the remote is quite powerful as well. It has a range 360 degrees and a working distance of 65 feet. The signal can go through walls and doors, so you can operate the light even from outside. Plus, one remote can handle more than one light bulb.

But all of this begs a few questions: why would you need a multi-color light bulb? What does it have that other light bulbs don’t have? And why this one? We’ll give several reasons why it’s worth checking DotStone LED light bulb.

Firstly, it’s a perfect decoration element. Whether you’re a regular person and you’re having a party or you organize weddings, a few of these light bulbs could really help you with lighting. That’s why this device is ideal for both residential and commercial lighting. Secondly, it does save more energy compared to other products. The DotStone LED Light bulb works with an 85-285V voltage range and consumes only 5W of wattage. This means less maintenance and more durability. Thirdly, the average service life of this light bulb is amazing – 50 000 hours. That is more than 2 000 days of continuous work whenever you install it.

These reasons are a good demonstration why DotStone light bulb is so special. With a few presses on the remote, you can change the light in the room from ultra-bright to warm and soothing. For all interested, DotStone LED Light is available for purchase on Amazon.

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