Refurbished Galaxy Note 7 Comes out in Late-May

For Samsung, the Galaxy Note 7 scandal was unprecedented in its scales. The Korean company had to recall all units and cancel the production of them. Nevertheless, Samsung studied the problem, found out the reason and promised never to make such a mistake again.

What’s more, Samsung is going to release a refurbished version of Samsung Galaxy Note 7, also known as Galaxy Note 7R. In fact, the infamous smartphone may go on sale in South Korea later this month. This was reported by the Korean edition of The Investor referring to the newspaper Chosun Ilbo.

According to the source, Samsung plans to complete safety certification in the nearest future. This process could take about a month, so the Note 7R will hit the stores in late May or June. In addition, Korean sources predict the price of Galaxy Note 7R and it will be significantly lower than the original Galaxy Note 7. This contradicts earlier rumours about the price of about $620. The same reports state that the smartphone will cost $440.

Also, according to more popular sources, the sales of the refurbished Galaxy Note 7 can start in June 2017 in India and Vietnam. The device will get 3000-3200mAh batteries, which is less than the original. The smartphone will also feature new cases, so the design may differ slightly from the first Note 7. All other hardware components will remain exactly as those of the original.

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