Jumper EzBook 2 Air 11.6 inch Full HD Screen Laptop

When we hear the word “copy”, we immediately think that it’s some kind of a poorly made, fake product that doesn’t even resemble the original. In most cases, that’s absolutely true. Most smartphone copies produced in China are quite frankly pathetic compared to actual devices. The same can be said about laptops. Very often, fakers copy MacBook because it’s the biggest name on the market. However, not all copies are bad in all aspects. Today, we’re going to take a look at a MacBook Air copy that might attract your attention – Jumper EzBook 2.

This device is probably one of the most affordable in a specific class of MacBook copies. Of course, if we compared it to the price of an actual MacBook Air, we would see a huge difference. But EzBook 2 doesn’t even come close to MacBook in terms of quality. First of all, the body is made of plastic painted with silver. Second, touchpad has its problems: there are traditional for Chinese laptops phantom clicks when using Windows gestures. Third, the specs aren’t the best. The Intel Atom AZ8300 processor has the clock speed of 1.84GHz which isn’t a lot. Besides, 4GB RAM is enough only for basic tasks, and there’s not much internal space because of the 64GB storage.

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Jumper EZbook Air 11.6 inch laptop

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However, we have to objective and say that Jumper EzBook 2 has its own advantages. For $210, it has a very decent screen – 14 inches, IPS and FullHD resolution. The screen is covered with matte coating without any specks. The only complaint is that it might not be bright enough for using in daylight. Furthermore, the graphics in Jumper EzBook 2 is quite good. An Intel HD Graphics GPU won’t cope with serious games but it’s okay for watching movies and videos as well as playing something simple.

All in all, Jumper EzBook 2 isn’t actually that bad. It might be a great solution if you’re in an urgent situation looking for something affordable. Obviously, it’s nothing compared to MacBook Air but it comes with good value for its price. After all, it’s cheaper than most tablets.

Jumper EZbook Air 11.6 inch,
Intel Cherry Trail Z8300, Windows 10 Laptop

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