New Browser Opera Reborn Supports Messengers

In January, Opera released Neon – an interesting and experimental web browser with an unusual user interface. Now, Opera announced that the best components of Neon will be a part of the new version of its proprietary browser, code-named Reborn. One of the most attractive features of Reborn will be integration with popular messaging services. The user doesn’t need to install any apps as they are already built into the browser. The access to them is done through a special side menu.

new browser opera reborn

•  According to Internet sources, Opera Reborn will have the following features:
•  Quick access to messengers straight from the browser;
•  A side tab that allows you to communicate and browse websites at the same time;
•  Possibility to fix the messenger’s tab for more convenient and fast communication;
•  Ability to share photos by dragging any picture to the messenger icon;
•  Shortcut keys for quick switching between messengers;

Other than that, Opera Reborn boasts an updated user interface, a new design of icons and animations, an updated express panel, animations in the private tab mode, a dark browser background and a set of new themes.

Opera Reborn was designed for personal computers. Right now, there is no information about its launch so we’re waiting for more announcements.


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