Xiaomi MiJia Safe Home Security Alarm System

To ensure the safety of houses, sometimes we spend a lot of money on various devices. But there is a way to significantly reduce these costs by installing a smart security system Xiaomi MiJia Safe Home Security Alarm System which consists of six levels of protection for your house. And here is review of this great device.

  • This alarm system includes the whole set of smart home devices:
  • Multifunctional wireless gateway which supports online radio, serves as alarm clock and illuminates at night;
  • Window-door sensor which activate lights inside or react to any intrusion attempt;
  • Human body sensor which turns any appliances if there’s nobody in the room, and lights up if a person walks past it;
  • Temperature-humidity sensor which controls the environment in a room and detects any deviations from normal conditions;
  • Wireless network switch for controlling all smart home devices with one button;
  • ZigBee power outlet which shows actual power numbers and protects appliances from overload.

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The whole Xiaomi mijia alarm system is connected to the smart home system by Xiaomi, so to use all the alarm functions, you will have to install a special app on your smartphone. With it, you can remotely monitor your home, control the alarm camera, and adjust additional functions and capabilities. If there is trouble, and intruders break into your house, the Xiaomi mijia system will send you a smartphone notification and automatically start broadcasting video of what is happening. And of course, the alarm itself will start ringing loudly.

But Xiaomi mijia doesn’t just ring for any motion. This smart system “learns” your pet, and it doesn’t react to its movements. The same applies if humidity changes because of the operating air conditioner. In other words, the Xiaomi mijia alarm will only work if an unauthorized person or a group of people enter the room.

So, if you want all-around smart protection for your house and you don’t want to spend too much, Xiaomi mijia is perfect. You get the all kinds of protection devices, so you can sleep calmly because your house will always be safe.

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