Scientists Made a Speaker out of Graphene

tech newsToday, most speakers work due to oscillations of a coil in the field of a permanent magnet. The coil drives a diffuser that creates air vibrations and sound waves. However, in the future, a fundamentally new solution can replace this rather cumbersome design. Scientists from the University of Exeter created a compact speaker from graphene, in which there are no coils or diffusers. In fact, it has no moving parts and the sound is generated by changing the temperature of graphene.

In fact, the thermoacoustic principle was described at the end of the XIX century. However, it has never been used to make a speaker. According to British scientists, their novelty will make it possible to receive a richer sound. If necessary, the speaker can play a variety of audio frequencies, even including ultrasound.

As mentioned above, in these speakers there are no moving parts, so its dimensions are much smaller compared to all modern speakers. The speaker itself is made in the form of a small microprocessor in the size of a thumbnail. Inside the case itself lie the speaker, an amplifier and an equalizer.

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