Fake Nokia 3310 Came Out Before the Original

Fake Nokia 3310 made in Malaysia

We aren’t very surprised to see fake smartphones on the market. This problem concerns all brands including the biggest ones, like Apple or Samsung. First fake iPhone 7 or Galaxy S8 started coming even before the official release of these smartphones.

The same thing happened to the updated Nokia 3310. Initially, HMD Global showed the new version of the legendary mobile phone a few months ago and fans are waiting eagerly for the release. According to European retailers, Nokia 3310 will hit the market in the middle of May. However, an unknown company in Malaysia already started making counterfeit copies of this phone and shipped them to numerous local retailers.

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The first batch was quite similar to the original although it didn’t have a Nokia logo on it. But the second batch was better – the logo was there and the exterior resembled the actual Nokia 3310 very much. Still, with a closer look, the difference could be spotted. The fakes were fitted with smaller panels and they don’t run Nokia’s Series 30 UI.

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