Light Phone – Simplest Cell Phone Ever

In modern smartphones, the “phone” function isn’t the most important. More and more people use them for social networking, web browsing, messaging, managing smart devices, listening to music, creating photos, shooting videos, playing games, and many other tasks. But there are those who don’t need all these functions. Such users can choose a conventional button phone or something more modern, like Light Phone. This device was introduced in 2015 on Kickstarter, and now it became available for pre-order to everyone.

Light Phone – Simplest Cell Phone Ever

Light Phone has the most minimalistic design. It is made in a flat rectangular casing in the size of a credit card. The main functions of this device include only receiving and making calls. Also, it can display time and store up to nine numbers in memory. It doesn’t have a touchscreen, nor does it support the Internet or even send texts.

Unfortunately, Light Phone isn’t available to everyone. It comes with a built-in locked SIM card, compatible with 2G GSM networks in the U.S., with the cost of the service $5 per month. Besides, users will need a smartphone and a special app to forward calls to Light Phone, which makes it kind of pointless. Still, if you’re looking only for a calling device, Light Phone can be ordered here.

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