ZX Spectrum Next – Revival of the Legend

ZX Spectrum Next

Released in 1982, ZX Spectrum was truly a revolution in the world of computers. At that time, 48KB RAM sounded like something out of this world. Along with the compact size and reasonable price, this computer became a best-seller. 35 years have passes and a few days ago ZX Spectrum celebrated its “birthday”.

As an homage to the legend, a new project appeared on Kickstarter – ZX Spectrum Next. This is a totally renewed version but it’s still compatible with the original. In terms of the specs, ZX Spectrum Next runs on Z80 processor with 7MHz speed and has 512KB RAM. The latter can be expanded to 2.5MB but that’s maximum.

ZX Spectrum Next – new computer

Graphics and sound improved as well. The computer is able to display a 256-colours gamut. There are three ports for connecting a monitor: RGB, VGA and HDMI. In addition, ZX Spectrum Next has DB9, PS/2 ports and a possibility for adding a Raspberry Pi Zero as a supplementary board for faster functionality.

ZX Spectrum Next is mostly oriented towards retro game fans who want to feel a bit of nostalgia. If you’re one of them, then you can pre-order ZX Spectrum Next on its Kickstarter page.

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