iPhone 7 Copy – How to Spot a Fake

As soon as Apple released iPhone 7 in September, thousands of people rushed to the stores hoping to buy this coveted smartphone. Frankly, this isn’t that surprising considering the reputation of Apple on the market. However, one thing turned many customers off and that is the price. For the same reason, different companies, mostly Chinese, started making fake iPhone 7 with much lower prices. Interestingly, come copies are very good and it’s hard to spot a fake. Yet, it’s still possible and we’re going to tell you how to do it.

Serial number.
The first way doesn’t concern any technical specifications. All you need is your phone and connection to the internet. A serial number can be found in the Settings, in the category General. Once you’ve found it, use this number on the Apple’s website. After that, it will reveal you the truth about your phone.

Back cover.
Fakers can be pretty good at any writings but they aren’t that good at positioning them. Usually, the word “iPhone” is written higher on the fake. If you have any suspicions, you can compare your phone with real iPhone 7 in the nearby Apple Store.

3D Touch.
One of many notable features iPhones is their displays and their responsiveness. Normally, when you tap at certain places on the screen, it offers you a set of choices. For example, if you press long on iMessages icon, a window with various options pops up. A fake iPhone 7 might not have such responsiveness. Make sure that this feature works when you choose a phone.

Operating system.
With no exceptions, every iPhone 7 comes with iOS 10 out of the box. The copies, however, disguise Android 5.0 or 6.0 with a special skin to replicate the look of iOS 10. Just check the OS in the Settings and make sure that it’s iOS 10. Another thing that gives away a fake is charge indicator in the top right corner. On the copy, the battery is blue while it should be white.

Charging port.
This is the case when the smallest detail can help you not be fooled. The Lightning port on a cheap copy is surrounded with plastic. This is a 100-percent distinction of a fake because real iPhones don’t have anything near the Lightning port.

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