Smallest Android 4G Smartphone Specs and Price

The screens on most modern smartphones are huge. 5-inch is already considered as an obligatory element on a phone. Of course, some people need bigger screens for reading or watching videos but there are many others who don’t care about all that. For them, compact size is the main priority. A 4.5-inch smartphone would fit better in a jeans pocket than a 5-inch one, and that’s a fact. But if you’re looking for the ultimate space-saver, you should look at the recently-launched smartphone by Unihertz called Jelly.

This is an absolute gem for anyone who doesn’t think that screen size matters. Jelly is without a doubt the smallest smartphone in the world. It’s only 9.2cm long and 4.3cm wide, so it’s perfect for carrying in any pocket, even the tightest. The screen here is only 2.45 inches. Obviously, Jelly wasn’t made for playing gamers and watching movies, so it has quite moderate specs. The display has a 432×240 resolution, the phone is fitted with an octa-core processor (1.1GHz), 1GB RAM and 8GB storage.

Still, despite such a tiny size, it boasts other features, some of which you wouldn’t even find in a cheap smartphone. Jelly runs the latest Android 7.0 Nougat, it has two cameras on the back and the front, it supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and even 4G. Also, it works on a 950mAh battery which isn’t a lot but this phone doesn’t need a lot.

Due to its compactness, Jelly would an ideal device for work. It can be used as a second phone only for calls and messages. The phone can be a nice addition to a tablet – watch movies on the bigger screen and talk on the smaller one.
Jelly is available for pre-order on kickstarter.

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