Compact A9 Mini GPS Tracker for Kids

Summer vacations are coming up, which also means that kids will always be out of your home playing with their friends and enjoying themselves. And of course any parent wants to be sure that their kids are safe all the time. For these purposes, there are miniature GPS-trackers which transmit the location of a person, animals or cars to a smartphone. The user can watch all the movements of the tracked object in real time and be alerted in something goes wrong. There are many of these trackers on the market but what if your kid wants something fancy? In this case, A9 Mini is a great option.

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A9 Mini Micro Compact and Efficient GPS Tracker

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This gadget is very simple – your kid just needs to put the tracker in the pocket of his clothes or wear it like a bracelet. And that’s all. After that, the tracker uses its intercom system to connect to the satellites and transmit the location data to the smartphone app (available for iOS and Android devices). If there’s some kind of trouble, your kid can press the help button on the tracker and you’ll be notified immediately to be able to provide necessary assistance in time. A9 Mini has a location range of 5-15 meters, which is quite enough to find the tracked object. A notification will also come up if the tracked object goes out of signal range.

A9 Micro GPS Tracker display the position of your children on the map

What’s more, the tracker has other purposes as well. You can wear on your dog’s collar especially if it runs away all the time. A9 Mini helps if you have to watch over an older relative. In addition, you can just put in the glove compartment of your car if you want to make sure that it doesn’t get stolen.

As of April 2017, A9 Mini costs only $30.48 which is nothing considering its usefulness. No matter how far your kids go, you’ll be able to see it and they’ll be able to alert you of any troubles.

A9 Micro GPS Tracker. For locating Kids, Children, Pet, Vehicle via Google Maps

A9 Mini Micro GPS Compact and Efficient Tracker

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View and Buy with best price

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