New Microsoft Surface Laptop Runs on Windows 10 S

According to the latest IDC report about concerning laptops, Chromebooks had a big sales boost during this year. Apparently, this made other companies think and one of them has just presented the fruit of its thoughts. At the Microsoft EDU conference, Microsoft unveiled the cloud version of Windows 10 – Windows 10 S. Along with that, the Redmond company announced the first laptop on this OS called Surface Laptop.

This device undoubtedly presents serious competition to Chromebooks and is oriented towards educational usage. Surface Laptop is cased in a thin aluminium body with the minimal thickness of 9.9mm. Plus, it weighs only 1.25kg, so it’s perfect for carrying around.

As for the specs, Surface Laptop boasts a 13.5-inch touchscreen LCD display with 3:2 aspect ratio (displays more information), Intel Core i7 processor and 1TB SSD. Microsoft claims that the laptop is 50% faster than MacBook Air. The main advantage of Surface Laptop seems to be its battery – Microsoft promises around 14 hours of work from a single charge. That’s why Surface Laptop will be an ideal companion of a student.

Speaking of Windows 10 S, this new OS was created specifically for the educational segment. It’s faster than Windows 10 Pro and allows the user to transfer system settings to other computers with this OS. The first Windows 10 S laptop will come out on June 15 for $999 and the new OS will be also available to all schools which use computers on Windows 10 Pro.

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