Fake Samsung Galaxy S6 and S7 – How to Spot

The smartphone market is very diverse. Every day, there is a new smartphone with different characteristics. Unfortunately, almost 20% of them are fake. One of the most popular brands among fakers is Samsung. As soon as the new flagship smartphone comes, its copy appears on the market at once. At first, they have poor quality but after a few months we can see some serious devices, every close to the original. So, how would you spot a fake? We’ve already covered Galaxy S8, so it’s time to talk about other popular Samsung flagman phones: Galaxy S6 and S7.

Of course, if you had an opportunity to look at the specs, the difference would become clear. Fake smartphones usually have MediaTek processors and they aren’t that equipped with advanced features. But you can spot a fake without any numbers.

For Samsung Galaxy S6, you could use a scale – a fake device is a bit heavier than the original. Besides, a rear camera looks different. If you look at the copy of Galaxy S6, its camera has a smaller lens. Also, the sensors and the flash on the right of the lens are placed too closely to each other. This flaw gives a fake right away, even the best ones have it. Apart from that, the included SIMcard ejector tool and headphones aren’t the same. The fake has ejector tool from an iPhone and headphones from older Galaxy models.Fake Samsung Galaxy S6 and S7, spot them

Fake Samsung Galaxy S6 and S7

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As for Galaxy S7, it’s even easier to tell a copy from the actual smartphone. The original has rectangle-shaped sensors (below the flash) and the upper one is much bigger than the lower one. And take a look at the back cover of the smartphone. If it’s an original, the surface must be ideally even and iridescent while the fake is a bit uneven and it looks like it’s made of plastic. Finally, the copy has the same problem with wrong headphones and an ejector tool.

So, when choosing a Samsung flagship smartphone, don’t be fooled by huge discounts and attractive prices because fakes are everywhere. Make sure that you make your purchases in trusted stores in order not to waste your money in vain.

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