iPod touch 6 – Music Player with iPhone Functionality

iPod touch 6

Music is a universal companion for anybody during any activity. Different genres can match your mood throughout the day and help you cheer up or relax. Although most people are using smartphones for listening to music, audio players are still popular. What’s more, there are all kinds of them on the market. But what if you’d like some sort of combination between a high-functional smartphone and music player? Then you’d be happy to see Apple iPod touch 6.

This device is truly unique because it is basically a mini-version of iPhone 6. In fact, it has many similarities to several iPhone smartphones but let’s talk about everything in order. First of all, the display is completely identical to those used in iPhone 5 and 5S – 4-inch diagonal, IPS, a 1136×640 resolution and high pixel density (326ppi). As a result, the display boasts amazing contrast, colour balance and richness.

Furthermore, Apple iPod touch 6 has outstanding productivity, especially for a music player. It is powered by Apple A8 processor, there are 1GB RAM and 16-128GB storage. On top of that, the player runs on iOS 8.4 which can be updated to the latest iOS 10.

Another practical feature of this player is its camera. iPod touch 6 is equipped with two sensors: 8MP on the back and 1.2MP on the front. The rear camera can actually record Full HD video at the speed of 30fps. That’s even better than most smartphones on the market. Apart from that, it supports Wi-Fi and is integrated with Siri and can transfer signal via AirPlay.

Still, iPod touch 6 is most importantly a music player and it does a great job at being it. The player is more aimed at compressed audio but it can play non-compressed tracks in ALAC format as well. The audio is clear, detailed and powerful whether you listen to it with headphones or without them.

All in all, Apple iPod touch 6 is a pretty interesting alternative to a smartphone. Of course, it can’t call but it supports all messenger apps, so you can always stay in touch with your family and friends.

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