Samsung Tops Apple in Q1 as Smartphone Leader

The analytics company IDC published a new report which resumed the state of the smartphone market during Q1 of 2017. Overall, vendors shipped 347.4 million devices in this period of time and this is better than last year. In numbers, it is a 4.3% growth compared to 2016.

The main interest, however, is always attracted to the battle between Samsung and Apple. The Korean company had a difficult previous year. As of Q4 2016, Samsung was on the second place after Apple (77.5M devices against 78.3M). Nevertheless, in 2017 Samsung managed to make a comeback and regain the leadership – 79.2M shipped smartphones. Interestingly, the Apple’s figures dropped drastically – only 51.6 smartphones. Still, this was enough to hold on to the second spot.

The next three positions on the list went to Chinese companies: Huawei (34.2M), OPPO (25.6M) and vivo (18.1M). What’s more, Samsung and Apple didn’t really improve compared to 2016, while Huawei, OPPO and vivo are developing at an intensive rate: 21.7%, 29.8% and 23.6% growth respectively.

Samsung tops

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