Apple Is Making a Smart Speaker

The most popular smart home device now is definitely a smart speaker. Such devices, as Amazon Echo or Google Home, became our home assistants capable of completing numerous tasks upon a voice command. Apparently, the success of smart speakers attracted the attention of another tech giant – Apple.

Inspired by Google and Amazon speakers, Apple is preparing a serious competitor. Right now, the team is working on the design of the speaker. In fact, an insider S. Dickson noted that the Apple speaker will look quite similar to Mac Pro but only a few traits. The top panel with all the controls will be raised and the loudspeakers will “surround” its body.

Earlier, we’ve heard information that Apple had put its smart speaker through the testing. Also, according to Bloomberg, the speaker will be able to control most smart home devices at the house including lights, locks, appliances, etc. Plus, CNET suggests that Apple will equip the speaker with a system for face recognition.

In any case, Dickson believes that Apple will unveil its smart home device at WWDC 2017 which takes place in June. That’s when we’ll know if the speaker works on Siri and how it cooperates with other products.

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