Fake Samsung Galaxy S8 – Is It Possible?

Samsung Galaxy S8 is a very technologically advanced device. Compared to other Samsung’s flagship smartphones, S8 has a lot of design improvements and innovations. Obviously, the price went up as well. That’s where fakers make money – they create a copy of an expensive smartphone and sell it for less. What’s even more unbelievable, some people can be fooled by that. But Samsung Galaxy S8 won’t give up that easily.
In fact, this smartphone will be a real trouble for any faker and here’s why.


Samsung Galaxy S8 has a distinctive, curved Super AMOLED display which is more expensive and harder to make. Even the most precise copy will most likely have 2.5D effect when the edges aren’t really curved. Besides, the Infinity Display of Galaxy S8 takes up almost 90% of the front side. That’s why it will be hard to recreate.

USB-C port

Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus are fitted with the USB Type-C standard, which became possible due to advanced processors Snapdragon 835 and Exynos 8895. Fake smartphones are usually based on cheap and less productive MediaTek processors. That’s why it will be quite simple to spot a fake.

Wireless charging and NFC

The majority of counterfeit production comes from China. But in this country, such features, as wireless charging or NFC, aren’t that popular. Even they do fit it with the NFC chip, it won’t work with Samsung Pay.

To be perfectly honest, the fact that new smartphones are becoming so complicated technically makes the job of fakers impossible. A unique design and advanced “internals” of Samsung Galaxy S8 are likely to put an end to any counterfeit production of this smartphone. So, if you really want a brand-new, Galaxy S8, you’d better save some money for it or buy another smartphone.

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